5 Simple Signs You May Need a New Transmission

Not sure if your transmission is about to go?  Are you having trouble with your transmission in Edmonton

Beware of these five simple signs that something may be wrong.

1. Are We There Yet?

Notice a delay when you shift from park into drive? If all is well with your transmission, the vehicle should smoothly begin to move forward as soon as the vehicle is put into drive. If you are noticing a lack of responsiveness or any type of unusual grinding or humming noises when changing gears, there is most likely a serious issue with your transmission. 

2. Slipping Away

A classic telltale sign that there are serious issues with your transmission is if it feels as though your transmission is slipping. A simple test to evaluate if there are problems with your transmission is to rev the engine slightly and watch both the tachometer and speedometer together. If you notice the tachometer revving up without speed increasing proportionately, there could be a serious issue with your transmission.

It is important to bring your vehicle in to have a professional do further testing if you feel your transmission may be slipping.

3. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

If your dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree - that is, if your ‘check engine’ light is on - this could be the first sign there’s something wrong with your transmission. 

4. Dark and Stormy

Notice a leak on the pavement? Lay a clean piece of cardboard on the ground in the general area that the leak is coming from and evaluate the colour of the fluid. If all is well with your transmission fluid, it should have a healthy red tint to it. Coming up with a black or brownish colour to it? This is an indication that the fluid is burnt and you should bring your vehicle for an inspection. 

5. Follow Your Nose

If you are noticing your transmission fluid has a burnt smell to it, your transmission could be overheating or seriously damaged. A professional can help assess the situation further.


Do you have one or more of the issues mentioned above? It may be time to bring in the big guns. Contact NAPC today.