Our transmission remanufacturing process is systematic and demands attention to detail in every step. All North American Powertrain Components rebuilt / remanufactured units go through a highly regimented build process that is second to none. Our in-house remanufactured transmissions are torn down and built right in our Edmonton facility by our certified technicians. We stock a variety of common light duty transmissions and have a quick turnaround time on ‘build to order’ units.


When a transmission core arrives on our work benches, we completely tear down the unit to its casing. Each part is then meticulously inspected by our expert technicians; assuring each component is of top quality. Our reusable parts are always meticulously cleaned.


Every remanufactured transmission, transfer case and differential is stripped to its case and sent to our high pressure washers for cleaning. We thoroughly clean every part to ensure all oil residue and any other contaminants are removed. Bearing surfaces and splines always receive extra attention.


After each of our transmissions, transfer cases and front & rear differentials are finished cleaning, the technician does a thorough inspection of every single part. All reusable components are reconditioned to specification. Anything that does not pass scrutiny is discarded and an OEM component is used.


If a part is deemed unusable, we will replace it with a new OEM part that is high quality and from our line of trusted manufacturers. We use nothing but the best parts from reputable vendors ensuring top quality in each build.

Automatic Transmissions
new bushings, seals, gaskets, frictions, steels, filter, electronics and updated torque convertor

Standard / Manual Transmissions
shafts, forks, sliders, gears, bearing kit, synchros and seals

Transfer Cases and Motors
chains, shafts, forks, sliders, gears, bearing kit and seals

Front and Rear Differentials
crown and pinion, bearing kit and seals

If there are any updated parts available, to make the unit run more efficiently, we will use them. No questions asked.


Each transmission, transfer case and differential is now ready to be rebuilt to factory specifications. Our technicians are meticulous in rebuilding each unit making sure all tolerances are within factory specifications. Then each unit is repainted to a showroom finish with our signature pewter paint. Our commitment of going beyond the standard practices of our competitors is what makes our units the industry leaders.


All automatic transmissions are sent to our State-of-the-art Superflow TransDyno SF-66K. We had this dyno built to specifications exclusively for NAPC. Its electric motor will deliver up to 700ft/lbs of torque to each unit during testing. The dyno monitors and tests virtually every aspect of the transmission’s performance under simulated load conditions; including main pressure & an additional 11 pressures, Input/output speeds and torque, PRNDL switches, fluid flow, pressure switches and parking pawl.

All standard and automatic transmissions, transfer cases and differentials are hand tested to ensure all moving parts and in proper working order.


Rest assured that all products sold by NAPC are carefully inspected when shipping out.

To take one step further, our transmissions are safely shipped out by placing your quality product into our customized shipping case that provides durability, convenience and assurance to wherever your shipment needs to be. We ship anywhere & everywhere and get you what you need when you need it. We are strategically placed in a location along key shipping lanes in order to better serve our customers.


NAPC offers in-house installation and repair service for all makes and models. We have the ability to turn-around same day service because we know how important it is to get you back on the road. Our facility includes an 8-bay shop with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment; So our experts can recommend a the rebuild or repair option that best suits your needs.